Selling Mineral Rights
What's involved in the process of The Taurus Corporation buying my royalty and mineral interests?
The Taurus Corporation's process to acquire your royalty/mineral interest is not complex or lengthy. With the appropriate documentation, it can be completed in as little as three to five business days. We also want to remind our current clients and client-to-be that we are always open to any special requirements that a client might have to meet their individual needs in handling the acquisition of their royalty/mineral interest.

As a general rule the process is as follows:
  1. A prospective seller contacts The Taurus Corporation regarding selling their royalty/mineral interest via phone at 972-294-4700, email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ), or by signing and returning one of our offer letters. You may also click the following link to get started. Request An Offer

  2. One of our Associates will then contact the seller to request copies of the seller's most recent check statements and any additional documentation that may be required.

    NOTE: Our Associate may determine that additional documents are required such as: A copy of the Trust document if the royalty/mineral interest is held in a trust, a copy of the document that appoints the seller as the Independent Executor for the estate of the owner of record, a copy of the Affidavit of Heirship filed in the county where the owner of record lived at the time of their death, and, or, a copy of The Letter Testamentary filed with the county where the royalty/mineral interest is located.

  3. After receiving the appropriate documentation The Taurus Corporation will evaluate the royalty/mineral interest and determine its fair market value.

    NOTE: Many of our offer letters are based on the property value set by the county tax appraisal district and because of this our offer may not include recent events regarding the seller's mineral interest. The Taurus Corporation re-evaluates all offers by looking at current production, current well production decline, and current selling prices for crude oil and natural gas. In cases where new wells have been drilled since the last tax appraisal The Taurus Corporation will increase our offer accordingly. Likewise, if production has dropped sharply The Taurus Corporation will decrease our offer proportionately.

  4. The seller will then be contacted to discuss our offer with them. Once we have come to an agreement with the seller regarding the purchase price of their royalty/mineral interest we will send the seller several documents, including:
    1. An offer letter detailing the exact amount The Taurus Corporation is paying to purchase your royalty/mineral interest.
    2. A Deed for you to sign in the presence of a notary. Most banks or real estate offices have a notary that will notarize a document for a small fee.
    3. A Letter of Authority. This document need not be notarized. The letter of authority along with deed allows us to contact the oil producer to verify ownership and pay status.
    4. A self-addressed, stamped, envelope to return the signed and notarized documents to The Taurus Corporation.

  5. The seller will then sign the deeds in front of notary and send ONE COPY of the deeds along with the letter of authorization back to The Taurus Corporation in the enclosed self-addressed, stamped envelope. The client will keep the second copy of the deeds for their records.

  6. Once we have received the signed and notarized deeds and the signed letter of authority we can then contact the oil producer and verify ownership and pay status. This typically takes 2 to 3 business days to hear back from the oil producer.

  7. Upon receiving verification of ownership The Taurus Corporation will issue a company check for the amount agreed upon.

    Note: The Taurus Corporation will contact the County Tax Assessor-Collector to determine if there is any delinquent or current County or School District taxes due. If so, the amount of tax determined will be subtracted from the purchase amount.
The Taurus Corporation prides itself with the reputation of "Doing exactly what we say we will do!" There are no hidden fees and no surprises regarding the amount you will receive for your royalty/mineral interest. We keep our clients well informed through out the entire process. You may also click the following link to get started. Request An Offer